June 11, 2005

Three weeks with the Rocket Chip

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So I am driving my new Beetle with the RocketChip stage 3 tuning for about three weeks now. Now the Beetle comes standard from teh factory with 100hp. Stage 3 puts your boost up to 20psi, adds 55hp and 90ftlbs. Yea, you read right, a 55% increase in HP. And all that extra torque on such a light car. I haven't received my other "upgrades" from TVA yet, so the car isn't finished. Took it over to the VW dealer to get my plates friday. I tossed the salesman the keys. He came back five minutes later with a big grin on his face and said "are you kidding me?". He has never had so much fun in a Beetle in his life. Neither have I. I tried driving it without traction control and the tires spin totally out of control. Remember this is a front wheel drive diesel! Jeff over at RocketChip said that I shouldn't punch it with the wheels turned more than 25 degrees because I might rip my CV joints off. Yea, that is the one I want! I recommend it for everyone!

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January 19, 2005

Engine Manufacturers Association weighs in on B100

The Engine Manufacturers Association has released a PDF on the use of Biodiesel. 297.pdf (application/pdf Object) They basically cover their butts by saying they don't recommend anything greater than B5 and even then only if the B100 used to mix meets the ATSM, DIN or EN standards. I believe this is just liability posturing by an old industry not wanting to change. If they approve B100 they must warrant their engines. They don't want to expand their liability. But that doesn't mean they are right...

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January 17, 2005

B100 rodent food?

Thanks Alan's blog for the recent entry about Biodiesel and moving back to Seattle. Your comment:

"One minor hiccup in this environmental love-fest. It turns out that rodents seem to consider biodiesel a rather tasty treat (it is, after all, remarkably similar to french fry grease), and some of them apparently have been nesting on top of our engine during the night and nibbling away at the distributor caps. So, the Golf is currently back at Carter VW for repairs, thanks to the mice, and unfortunately rodent damage is not considered warranty service..."

is interesting. I have not had that problem yet with my Touareg. But I keep it outside and not very hospitable to rodents. I wonder if there is other discussion about this? We whould start a thread on the forums.

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January 4, 2005

VW and ADM co-operating on BioDiesel?

Was crusing the Cars.com site to compare diesel cars today and came across this ditty:

cars.com: 2005 Volkswagen Buying Guide | Volkswagen Prices

On a different note, Wittig announced at the 2004 Detroit auto show that Volkswagen signed a letter of agreement with Archer Daniels Midland Co. to perform joint research into biodiesel fuels. Volkswagen says it's the first time a leading car manufacturer has entered into such an agreement to develop renewable fuels for the future.

and found some more links on this partnership:

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