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December 28, 2004

Manufacturers that support B100

Wow, right out of the gate, one of my questions about B100 was around Warranty. Would running it void your warranty? Well here is a list of diesel engine manufacturers and the models that support B100. Quite a long list actually! Existing Diesel Vehicle Engine Warranties. Need car insurance on a short term basis? You can buy it from

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Starting new blog...

A reader of my Deep Green Crystals has been tracking my Touareg adventures with Biodiesel. This reader also has a Touareg and has a friend with one. They were wanting a place to share experiences. So here it is. But I have made the idea a little larger (who woulda guessed). I was lying in bed this morning with this question running through my head: What would the world be like if all the current diesel cars, trucks and generators were switched over night to B100? How would things be different? How do we get there? Hopefully this blog will explore that idea over the next few years.

Check back here to track the very early adoptors who have committed their lives to B100 at this early stage. Sure it costs more, but what are the benefits? And what are the challenges of being an early adopter? This should be fun!

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